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Nila Network

Meet NilaNetwork, the all-in-one Crypto solution & the largest blockchain startup till now, securing the digital economy from every type of scam and fraud! Know how... The parent company behind NilaSafe, NilaSwap, NilaPad, NilaKart, NilaWallet, NilaPay and NilaFinance!

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Nila Network is a revolution, join the revolution by spreading the words!

Nila Network is the all-in-one crypto solution providing security, cross-chain DEX, multi-chain non-custodial wallet, crypto payment provider, decentralized multi-chain launchpad, own e-commerce, and more in one place. That's why Nila network is a revolution and you can join this crypto revolution too by clicking the hashtags below and spreading the words!

+ Projects going
to launch within one year.
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Introducing NILA,
the native token of Nila Network™

'NILA' is the native token of Nila Network™ on the BSC.

The solutions we are providing:

Nila Network is an all-in-one crypto solution & the network behind NilaSafe, NilaSwap, NilaPad, NilaWallet, and more. Here are the present projects we are currently working on, will be launched within one year. See all of our future projects.

NilaSafe Logo


NilaSafe is a smart contract auditing farm and crypto investment security protocol by the Nila Network. Learn More



NilaSwap is the world's largest cross-chain, automatic liquidity adding & liquidity locking DEX. Learn More



NilaPad will be the largest decentralized cross-chain IDO platform for new projects. Learn More



NilaWallet is a non-custodial decentralized multi-chain wallet with one single address. Learn More



Coin***a is a trusted crypto database like CoinMarketCap & fully secured by NilaSafe. Learn More



NilaCash is a fully decentralized anonymous transaction protocol on the Binance Smart Chain & Ethereum. Learn More

We value our relationships

Here are our partners, supporters and sponsonsors who are with us from the beginning of Nila Network's journey. We really love and appreciate all of them!


A few things people
always ask us

What is the misson of Nila Network?
Nila Network's mission is to provide all essential crypto solutions together including security, exchange platform etc.
What is NilaSafe?
NilaSafe is the flagship project by Nila Network which will hold KYC records of newly lauched project's team and other information in decentralized way to crack down crypto scam & fraud.
What is the future of Nila Network?
We are introducing Nila Network to the crypto market by launching NilaSafe & other various DeFi projects mentioned earlier, we will enter the CeFi market gradually. We will launch our own centralized exchange, crypto bank, incubator farm, e-Commerce platform, INO and more to be announced.
How can I join the team or invest in Nila Network?
We will love to have you with us, please contact us at [email protected] If you are an investor and want to know our future business model in detail which we can't share here publicly due to secret policy, please connect with us at [email protected], we will discuss with you in detail.